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It is well established that Executive Function activity occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain.    It has only recently been recognized that these skills actually start in pre-school and continue to develop well past the school years.       
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- Executive Dysfunction Workshop

All New Techniques to Teach  Executive Function Skills
By Joan Smith Ed.D
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As educators and therapists we recognize that our youth and adult clients experience serious difficulty in developing useful strategies and organizational skills  for school and work success.  We often feel frustrated in understanding how to recognize and separate out Executive Function (EF) abilities from other learning issues., let alone, teach them.
Children and youth with learning disabilities frequently have difficulty in time management, organization, attention, and directed performance ~ all referred to as Executive Function tasks.   Their early experiences in memory, attention, language and academic challenges appear to have confused their automatic development of  critical cognitive production.   In addition, well meaning  parents, teachers, and therapists may have missed strategic language and prompting opportunities  for the development of independent performance.