Enrollment for 2021 Target Therapy Trainings/Workshops

Enrollment for 2021 Target Therapy Trainings/Workshops

Learning to read, spell, and do math are the most important skills our children accomplish in the early school years. Not all children find learning to read a simple task. Current research shows I our of 5 people experience moderate to severe reading disabilities. Target Therapy interventions will make reading a reality for your students.

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Target Therapy Training-Relieve Reading/Dyslexic Symptoms

Executive Function Workshop—Pre-Target Therapy Training Session.

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ORGANIZER: Joan M. Smith, Ed.D., CA Lic Educational Psychologist LEP 1483 CA Lic Speech and Language Pathologist SP 2103

FOR ANY QUERY: Call for special school or clinic group rates. 831-484-0994 ([email protected])


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Tutoring for Reading, Math, and Test Taking Skills.

EDU-Therapeutics-Learning Time, Inc.

2100 Garden Road, #308, Monterey 831-484-0994

Services for ages 6 to 95. Specialized target therapy to improve reading, spelling, math, memory, and test taking-anxiety skills. Psycho-Educational Assessments for school, SAT, college, and university accommodations.

Dr. Joan M. Smith, CA Lic Educational Psychologist. Edu-Therapeutics.com