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You just fasted for fourteen hours (dinner to breakfast) and now you have an active busy day to get underway. Your brain is ready for a starter. It needs a balanced protein nutrient to support you and perform at its best for you ALL DAY!
When I first began looking at what we were eating for breakfast in our household, I was shocked at my neglect of our welfare. I thought I was doing a really good job serving cranberry juice cocktail or orange juice and raisin bran cereal. Well, the good part was the bran cereal did have good fiber but the rest of it was very high in concentrated sugars! In fact, I could have served the equivalent in sugar of a coke and cherry pie for breakfast!
Now, we have a protein shake and oatmeal for breakfast. We still have good fiber but the sugar has been seriously controlled! Here is a recipe for a protein shake that you can work with that actually tastes quite good!
Blend: 1/4C protein powder (unsweetened -whey or soy or other)
1 C filtered water
1T flax oil (don=t let them see you put it in!)
1T organic frozen orange concentrate / or unsweetened cranberry extract (for urinary track health!)
1 T lecithin
1 fresh banana
1 frozen banana
2T Kefir (to benefit intestinal health – if there are no dairy reactions)

If necessary to tempt children to enjoy the shake, gradually add the other ingredients to the base ingredients of frozen banana, protein powder and water. Use chocolate protein powder if necessary or carob. The orange concentrate – without added sugar – and powder and a bit of pure vanilla with water will taste like an orange Julius. Gradually add the other ingredients to increase your health benefits! Enjoy!

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