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Reading Fluency Question

I have a fourth grade student that needs extensive work with fluency. We have been doing Impress reading, and she does well afterwards, but she seems to be unable to transfer strategy to a cold read. What do your think about using poetry, and working with phrasing with the poems and stories? Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Joan Kuba

Good question and great idea to use poetry. It has a nice predictible quality which is helpful. Shel Silverstein is especially fun to use!
Since you are using Neurological Impress Reading (NIR) you can teach her to do it independently. We use this technique for college students to help them increase their comprehension of difficult information. The task is to point to the word as you say them (read it) and tap out the punctuation. I use this all the time to work as a test taking skill for students of all ages.
The question I would have regarding her fluency is – Does she recognize the word/s or is she sounding them out and does she understand the meaning of the words? (Could she be over her automatic word recognition/understanding level in the material she is attempting to read?)
To check this, I would drop back two levels and have her read for fun -something really simple. How is her fluency? If she is reading something funny is she getting the humor? i.e. comprehension. Move up one level and repeat the check.
Secondary check would be – does she have the language skills to support her present reading level? Check her written language as well as listen to her tell a story or just talk about something she likes.
Another activity I would use with her would be to add some music – like ABT’s “Concentration” CD or any of those she enjoys – playing softly in the background while you are doing impress reading and then have her use it when she reads at home. It will alert her auditory system to turn on for listening which will help with reading.
Any other ideas from our EDU-Team???
Great sensitivity and good question!
Smiles – Joan Smith

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