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LAP (Learning Ability Platform) For Clinics

$179.99 for 6 months

Learning Ability Platform 6 Months Subscription

  • Access to All 5 Modules and Sub-modules
  • Lap user Guide


Learning Ability Platform for  Clinics/Institutes is the ideal clinic tool for teaching reading and spelling by improving attention, memory, and speed of processing for all ages. LAP provides for home-practice to support therapy sessions or for distance learning applications.

The LAP is designed to be used with a Student and Trainer working together. Trainer utilizes this manual to choose the activity, monitor the success on tasks, provide the voice components on tasks, and to provide instructions.  The Trainer may be a teacher, aide, therapist, parent, or coach. No specific prior knowledge is assumed.
The Trainer will want to use this manual to deliver lesson guides and provide the voice input script for Voice lessons.

Access Details

Learning Ability Platform Access for Institutes/Clinic

6 MONTHS for  Fixed User Licensing for students

Unlimited Teacher and Instructors

State of the art reporting supported on all Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

The Program is designed for the following

  • Dyslexia
  • Memory and attention Improvement
  • Speed Processing
  • Reading Disabilities
  • Learn to Read

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6 Months