Learn Edu-Therapeutics from 10 DVDs and see results. Training Programs Overview
Training Programs
Now you can learn all the specialized techniques used in
EDU-Therapeutics to resolve learning problems
Training programs available on DVD
The EDU-Therapeutics Program has been recorded on 10 high quality DVDs of about one hour in length.  The following is a list of the DVDs currently available.

1. Essentials of EDU-Therapeutics
2. The Functional Brain
3. Attention for Learning
4. Attention Training
5. Eating to Maximize Brain Performance
6. Memory Development
7. Developing Brain Attributes for Learning
8. Executive Function Skills
9. Symbols to Comprehension: Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic
10. Testing - Developing a Learning Profile
Welcome to the EDU-Therapeutics training program.  We have provided ten programs for you to enjoy while you increase your expertise in resolving learning problems for your students. 

This program is successful with children, youth, and adults.  It has been developed and refined over the past forty years.  In that time it has been used in clinics, schools, and by individual therapists to increase memory, attention, and executive function skills and remove the frustration of learning disabilities.   
EDU-T  is effective for starting beginning learners of all ages with effective skills, and remediating learning problems.  This program will place you in the position of recognizing what inefficiencies in processing your student exhibits, identifying the most effective strategies to teach for increasing learning speed, and feeling the success of being a superior learning therapist.
Each training program is $89.00 which includes a high quality DVD and a workbook showing all the powerpoint slides and a written summary of the content.
All 10 programs can be purchased with a $100 discount providing all 10 programs for $790.00
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Training Programs Overview
"I wish you the heart, the soul, the knowledge, the wisdom, the courage, and the voice to help others"........ Joan Smith
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