#101 Essentials of EDU-Therapeutics
EDU-Therapeutics is a system for developing appropriate learning skills including: memory, attention, reasoning, and executive function skills.  This overview challenges you to understand learning in a new construct.  It establishes the opportunity for learners - ages pre-school through adult -  to improve the basic skills required to be successful, independent, and automatic learners.  This program establishes the foundation for the series and is essential to successful implementation of EDU-Therapeutics.      
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#102 The Functional Brain
Our brains are magnificent and mysterious.   We are just beginning to understand their function through the availability of the new imagery technology.  Develop your understanding of brain function, reading pathways, and use brain science for increasing student academic and processing skills.
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#103 Attention for Learning
Establish your understanding of the elements which constitute good attention.    It may be far more complex than we think for your students to pay attention.   There are at least four variables which impact on attention that can be developed once we learn to recognize them.  One variable is the speed of response or response time.  Learn how this major variable impacts on everything from learning to read to thinking clearly.
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#104 Attention Training
Medication or alternative choices may be effective but every one  who has experienced attention problems needs to change their processing skills and learn to focus their attention.  It does not automatically happen just because of a pill.  It is critical to learn  how to use our attention, increase our time on task, and recognize when we have a shift in attention.  These are exercises  for all ages. 
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#105   Eating to Maximize Brain Performance
Food promotes learning and poor food choices may be stressing learning and attention.  Understand the importance of  a balance of nutritional elements (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) in our diets and the impact on attention skills and memory expansion.  Special recipes that promote brain function are included in your  Eating: Sourcebook.
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#106 Memory Development
A unique aspect of EDU-Therapeutics is the understanding that memory skills need to identified because of the serious impact of low digit recall on learning.   Memory skills can be increased and must be increased to resolve reading and other learning problems.   Exercises for memory development are featured and  an emphasis on the importance of using memory for executive function skills.
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#107   Developing Brain Attributes for Learning
In addition to memory and attention, there are a number of other brain attributes which will impact on learning if there are any inefficiencies present.   It is important to understand our sensory system, central auditory processing, language skills, and motor development.   All of these areas can have a significant impact on learning and impede teaching success
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#108 Executive Function Skills
Once we have the basic skills of memory, attention, language, and motor control, these attributes can be marshaled to form our executive function skills.   Students who have had difficulty with any of the processing skills usually miss the developmental stages when executive function skills begin to develop automatically.   Learn how to identify executive function skills and understand how this important frontal lobe brain function can be stimulated for independent learning.  This program features specific ideas for developing writing skills and time understanding.
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#109 Symbols to Comprehension: Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic
As we now understand the importance of the neuronal sequencing for reading in the brain, we want to select programs that improve this functioning.   We want programs that reinforce the reading pathways.   In this program you will learn several simple systems that are very effective for improving reading development rapidly.  In addition, learn to use brain reinforcing methods for spelling and memorization of math facts.
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#110 Testing - Developing a Learning Profile
Two testing instruments are very effective for evaluating memory skills and understanding processing: Receptive Expressive Observation and Competency Assessment Battery.  The REO is a standardized test which identifies inefficiencies in memory processing for the primary learning channels: visual > vocal, visual> motor, auditory > vocal, and auditory > motor.  From this program you will learn how to interpret your testing information for the REO to plan your training program.

The CAB-Blue is a competency based test.  It provides a computer (PC) profile of memory, attention, executive function skills, reading, spelling, math, and reading preparation skills.  It is used to establish a learning profile and indicates strengths and weaknesses in learning.   Both instruments are available through EDU-Therapeutics. 
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 Individual EDU-T Training Programs
Each training program is $89.00 which includes a high quality DVD and workbook showing all the powerpoint slides and a written summary of the content.

#111 Full Series of 10 Training Programs
All 10 programs can be purchased with a $100 discount so you get all 10 programs for $790.00
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We have provided ten programs that will enable you to increase your expertise in resolving learning problems for your child or your students.  Each of these high quality DVDs are about one hour in length and is accompanied by a sourcebook that includes the powerpoint presentation and additional instructional materials appropriate for that session. 
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