Dyslexia is explained in clear terms and educational materials are pesented that can truly overcome the handkicap. Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities
Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

For many years you were thought to have dyslexia if you reversed the b/d letters.   In fact one of  the early names for this condition was strephosymbolia or twisted symbols. In time it was recognized that there was much more confusion in reading that characterized this disorder.  

We identify three clusters of characteristics which are frequently found under the header of dyslexia: 1) Difficulty with recognition of symbols, letter reversals, and decoding confusion.
2) Problems in understanding read information or lag in comprehension.and 3) Distraction or loss of concentration for reading.

The well-ordered brain can do all of these task:  It can recognize letters, assign sound to a symbol or syllable, understand the meaning of a word or phrase, and sustain concentration for reading to gain information.  What happens when there are inefficiencies in any of these processes - dyslexia occurs.


You can learn to identify the inefficiencies in brain function which are creating a reading disability by observing by using a number of materials in the EDU-Therapeutics learning sysstem.  Our first DVD #101 - Essentials of EDU-Therapeutics provides the background and explanation necessary to identify these brain inefficiencies.  We then provides specific exercises and activities which will help to resolve these inefficiencies through DVD - #109 Symbols to Comprehension.  You are encouraged to ask your questions on our blog and dialogue with Dr. Joan Smith at http://edutherapeutics.wordpress.com.

#101 Essentials of EDU-Therapeutics
EDU-Therapeutics is a system for developing appropriate learning skills including: memory, attention, reasoning, and executive function skills.  This overview challenges you to understand learning in a new construct.  It establishes the opportunity for learners - ages pre-school through adult -  to improve the basic skills required to be successful, independent, and automatic learners.  This program establishes the foundation for the series and is essential to successful implementation of EDU-Therapeutics.      

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#109 Symbols to Comprehension: Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic
As we now understand the importance of the neuronal sequencing for reading in the brain, we want to select programs that improve this functioning.   We want programs that reinforce the reading pathways.   In this program you will learn several simple systems that are very effective for improving reading development rapidly.  In addition, learn to use brain reinforcing methods for spelling and memorization of math facts.
                                                                                          Price $89.00

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