Certificate Program
Take the opportunity to learn how to implement the EDU-Therapeutics learning system and receive a Certificate in Learning Disability Remediation. This training will enable you to effectively resolve the learning challenges your students from ages 4 - 94 experience.

Learn the EDU-T system and receive a Certificate in Learning Disability Remediation
Certification in  EDU-Therapeutics means that an individual has participated in a full training program to understand the concepts and application of techniques which increase brain efficiency in learning and resolving learning differences.  To be certified you will have taken a four day on-site training or viewed all 10 programs and completed the  tests at the end of each program and provided an assessment case-study using the Receptive Expressive Observation and Competency Assessment Battery.  
Once you have watched the programs, completed the tests, and shown you understand the application with assessment by designing a program for your case-study; you may receive a Certificate in Learning Disability Remediation.  At that point you  may then  choose to be listed on the EDU-Therapeutics web-site under Other Providers.  Learning Time does not assume responsibility for individuals listed on the Other Providers web-site beyond saying that they have participated in the training and received a certificate.
Certificate Program
What is Involved and How Much Does it Cost?

Those interested in receiving a certificate identifying them as a Learning Disability Remediation Specialists have to complete the 10 EDU-Therapeutics training programs.  In addition they must read the two books, You Don't Have to be Dyslexic and Learning Victories.  They must also purchase and be able to use the two testing programs including the REO and CAB. The 10 training programs can be purchased for $790 and the Certificate Package including the two books, the REO and CAB with 5 tests along with the required administration can be purchased for $375.

Certificate Package includes the CAB with 5 tests, the REO, You Don't Have to be Dyslexic, Learning Victories and the required administration.    $375
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