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Supporting Edu-Therapeutics Training Programs
These books and materials present components of the EDU-Therapeutics system. They are designed to resolve learning challenges with your students of all ages. You can implement the EDU-Therapeutics system with these materials based on brain research over the past forty years.
LEARNING VICTORIES*                     $19.95
In this book, Dr. Smith helps you to:

Understand learning challenges as unique learning styles.
-  Realize why bright people often have issues with  learning.
-  Develop learning skills to promote effective learning.
-  Relieve the emotions, fear and shame often associated with     different learning styles.
-  Use the techniques of EDU-Therapeutics in resolving learning inefficiencies.
-  Celebrate learning success through the personal experiences of adults and children.
Dr. Smith has designed this user-friendly book to:

-  Demystify the area of learning that is emotionally charged for many people
-  Provide teaching methods for teachers, professionals and parents.
-  Depict actual case studies, describing various dyslexic learning styles.
-  Use real-life cases which show excellent examples of how to remediate learning issues.
Test Manual, reproducible scoring grid and stimulus cards
- The REO provides immediate observations and standardized information to assess memory skills.
- The key channels for learning information in school - seeing and saying, seeing and writing, hearing and repeating and hearing and writing are assessed to identify any inefficiencies in learning.
- Dr. Joan Smith believes that most of the learning problems experienced by students are founded in inefficient processing of heard or seen information.
- The REO identifies these issues and establishes baseline information for training and subsequent resolution of learning inefficiencies associated with memory.
- A phonetic reading program for any age. TAPP develops the sound-symbol skills that are necessary for learning to read and spell.
- Learners begin working with a few letters and learn to make words early in the program.
- They gain skills in recognizing the sound to symbol and symbol to sound associations, short vowels, sound blending and spelling.
- Materials reinforce the learner and provide important reinforcement and rehearsal, while the teacher provides essential instruction from the teaching manual.
- This program has a history of success for non-reading learners from grades three through adult.
With reproducible masters amd symbol cards
EASING INTO READING PROGRAM                                  $69.00      
Reproducible Masters, Symbol Cards and Teachers Manual
A reading program to develop sound-symbol understanding for the beginning or frustrated learner. Easing Into Reading has taught thousands of learners to read with ease and success.
- The program relies on developing the brain-pathways that connect seeing letter symbols and recognizing the sound the symbols represent.
- Beginning sections in the program limit the symbols the learner is using. It teaches remembering a sound for the symbol, blending sounds and creating words from the sounds.
- Learners experience success in reading very quickly in the program. This boosts confidence and makes reading a success oriented process!
- Materials for the learner and teacher, plus letter cards for reinforcing learning.
Memory Training  Manual                        $69.00  
Manual including reproducible masters for visual or auditory memory (digit span) development.
Memory Trainer Cards                             $56.00
Cards to use for digit span development (3-7 digits) letter combinations cards and random combinations of numerals cards.
Flash Word Cards                                     $49.00
Simple to difficult word cards on with soft color background, to use with flash technique taught in EDU-Therapeutics training.

Books & Materials
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